Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pillows and pinwheel yo-yo quilt

I made a few yo-yoes to go on my pinwheel quit.
The yo-yo quilt at the end of my bed with the string quilt is one of my favorite quilts...and I have many favorite quilts.
These yo-yoes on my pinwheel quilt add such a happy touch.
This is such a pretty fabric on the back.
I had two nine patches leftover and made a pillow block...soon I will make a pillow.
I purchased two pieces of white cuddle cloth for more pillows. The top two minky pillows are my first attempt on making these cuddle cloth pillows. I had fuzzies everywhere, not only on the sewing table and floor, but also in my nose and eyes. I thought never again, but here I made more. I do enjoy these soft pillows even though they are a pain to sew. The middle rectangle and smaller front pillows are new.
I also finished these two orange pillows from my leftover orange scraps.
Back of the pillows.
The two white pillows between the two pink pillows are also new.
And here's the last new white, fuzy pillow. I got three small pillows out of one yard of fabric, not bad at all. I enjoy switching my pillows around. 
Hope you all are having a good week until the next time,
Millie :)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall decorating and quilting

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and enjoy the fall weather. We are getting a lot of rain, which is good, it's perfect quilting weather. Thank you all for the kind suggestions on the color of the binding. My 9 patch quilt is still without a finished binding. I haven't decided on a good color yet. Some quilts just take a little longer than others :)

Since the warm, hot summer ended, I've really enjoyed busting out a few fall decorations. Here is a batik quilt in fall colors on my chalk-painted bench near my entryway. Also, in the picture, is my favorite fall wreath on a really, really heavy iron mirror.
Here are a few more fall decorations in my living room. My coffee table desperately needs another coat of chalk paint. 
I am not going all out with a lot of Halloween decorations. After Halloween I'll turn the Jack O' lantern around so then it will look like a pumpkin with a light.
My fall candles melted in the garage and they're all in this weird shape, hahaha but it's still good for Halloween and fall. 
The fall mantel.
I finally got to sewing the binding on my Pinwheel quilt, the second pinwheel quilt I've made recently. 
I just really love Pinwheel quilts.  .  .and of course 9 patches too!
I didn't know what a bunting was until I started to google ideas for strings with flags on them. Here on the left side of my quilting room is a chalk-painted kitchen table with glimpse of my new "Little Monster" sewing machine. My beloved Bernina died recently and it was just so sad. I love this corner of my quilting room.
I used my triangle ruler to cut the buntings. I made them double sided and turned them over. Easy as pie :)
Ironed the buntings down. I bought these double sided quilters tape for the "string" of the flags.
Here I was sewing the flags in between the bias binding. It went very fast and I love the end result. I might like to make another set in a different color.
Ta Da!! ...the finish buntings!!
This is the right side window of my quilting room where my longarm is. Customer tops needed to be quilted onto 2 different coat racks.
I finished my orange top so here the rows of blocks hang over the longarm. It will be sure nice if I can have this orange quilt done before Christmas. Are any of you working on a quit or project for fall?
Happy quilting :)
 until next time,

Friday, October 16, 2015

Nine Patch quilts

I love nine patch quilts. Look at this yellow and blue nine patch or single Irish Chain quilt that just came out of the dryer.
It crinkled up so nicely.
Here is another scrappy nine patch quilt. I ran out of the border fabric and have to decide on the color for the binding. Maybe pink or red?  Any suggestions?
Happy quilting!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Red quilt and orange and yellow pillows

Wow, it's almost the end of summer. My youngest daughter's favorite color is orange. She asked for a red and black quilt for her Texas A&M dorm room.  She picked a 108" wide red fabric and a 108" wide black fabric for the backing of her quilt. I had a week to make her a quilt and pillows. Her room colors are red, yellow and orange with black accents. She's always the one telling me "less is more". I am the first to admit I can overdue things. So when I only had a week to make a bed quilt and pillows, I was really happy that I didn't need to piece anything for this wholecloth quilt. I made a few bright pillows to match her room colors too.
I love these unfinished wood crates. You can buy them for under $10 at Walmart or Lowes. I think some craft shops have them for cheap too. I spray painted her crates flat black. I added rafia bows in red, orange and yellow to the crates. These crates are perfect for meeting most her dorm room storage problems.
I found 2 small little unfinished wood crates at Target for $1 each. Then I spray painted them flat black and added a orange and yellow ric rack. She also picked these orange silk flowers and a black candle holder as a holder for the flowers. Very cute and inexpensive!
I didn't finish the binding on my pinwheel quilt, but I took the leftover scraps and made a small nine patch quilt. I love scrappy 9 patch quilts.
I caught little Mollie hiding her prune in a guest bedroom under the pillows. So cute, good thing no one sleeps there!
  I love working in the garden. A few pictures of my knockoff roses.
I had a Snowball quilt on my wish list for a very long time. 
The picture below was my first attempt for my Snowball blocks. It did not look quite right, so I undo the corner blocks and make them smaller. 
These blocks look a lot better and I love how my first Snowball quilt turned out. 
Hope you all had a wonderful summer!
Happy quilting until next time,
Millie :)