Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring quilts and decorating

 I absolutely love the Spring season. After this long winter season, it is wonderful to make a few quilts in soft pastels and setting out a few bunnies for Easter. I found these unfinished blocks, but have no idea where I put the pattern.
 I sewed the blocks together and added a few orphan tulip blocks.
 I quilted the quilt with a flowery panto.
A border in pink and green.
I finished the quilting on the scrappy 5" block quilt. It will look so nice on my bed. Can't wait to get the binding done.
 A wonderful blogging friend mailed me a surprise bag of scraps. Some of the scraps went into this String quilt. Most of her string fabric went into another String quilt for my daughter. I will share that next time. It is so nice to receive and share scraps with other quilters.
$99 Free Shipping 
This String quilt is perfect for your spring decorating.
 I quilted this beautiful scrappy Bow Tie quilt for Julie.  It is such a pretty quilt in soft spring colors.
 I can see myself in the near future making a pastel Bow Tie quilt with a pretty scrappy border.
 A few bunnies on the mantel. 
 More spring decorations - a frog and a green egg.
  Two more quilts in spring colors on display.
Thank you so much for stopping by and I wishing you all a happy spring season.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

String quilts

 This is a happy quilt in spring/summer colors like pink, blue, green and purple. I quilted this String-X quilt a month ago and never found time for the binding. I used Bonnie's tutorial over here.
 It's not spring yet, but because of this color scheme it feels like spring . The binding is sewed on and I can't wait to get the hand sewing done.
 I also worked on a few more string blocks. These string blocks started out big enough for a twin size, but it's growing now so it'll soon fit a queen size bed.
 Another scrappy quilt I am working on, a pink and green quilt made from 5" squares. This top went so fast and has a real cottage charm. I dont think I'm going to add a border. Do you think I should?
Thank you so much for your visit. Do you enjoy making quilts from your scraps?
String quilts are defintetly my favorite quilts to make.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disappearing Four patch quilt

 The cold weather is perfect for quilting and hand sewing. My oldest daughter wanted to make a quilt for her grandmother. She made this Disappearing Nine patch in 1930's reproduction fabric. The picture below on the left side is my quilt (more picture over here and here) and on the right side is her quilt. I cut her four patch blocks in bigger strips. We used the same quilting pattern on both quilts.
Below is more pictures of my daughter's quilt. I am sure my mom is going to love her quilt.
 Pink backing with a blue and pink binding.
Another picture with my washed quilt on the left and her unwashed quilt on the right. I love my quilts washed and wrinkled.
 I love my 1930's reproduction fabric. I have this one quilted and need to do the binding.
I am working on my zig-zag quilt's binding. I used some purple left over backing for the binding.
Thanks for stopping by and happy quilting. Do you have a special quilt project you are working on? I am currently working on a pink, purple, and green string quilt.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Two finished quilts

I finished two new quilts. The first one is this jelly roll quilt I started more than a year ago and the second quilt is a fast charm square quilt. I really like this jelly roll quilt. Not only do I like the colors and the design, but I also like the simple white border and colored binding. I washed the quilt twice and it is becoming softer with each wash.
I had just enough of this green flowery fabric for the backing.
Here is my other finished quilt. I wanted to make something for the winter season and it had to be a fast pattern. I sewed together charm squares, most of them are Christmas and winter snowflake prints. I also added a few random squares to break up the green and red Christmas pallet. I wanted a quilt I can use after Christmas too.
I pieced several pieces of brown and tan fabric together to make the backing.
The quilt is bundled up under my gingerbread Christmas tree.
The neutral cream border and the peach and blue charm squares make the quilt usable for Christmas and winter. 
Dear husband's golf clubs behind the chair. I dare not move his precious golf clubs.  In exchange he tolerates my ever changing decorating style. I try to stay with a "less is more" approach, but often I can go overboard with my quilts and decorating.
Wishing you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.